With a focus on elevating functional design, Luvhaus Ceramics are the product of countless hours spent at the wheel experimenting, refining, defining and pulling the shapes from clay. The goal: to create something both functional and enlivening. That's a pleasure to use, that you reach for every day.



Made by hand for your hand, is not just a saying. The signature tumbler was designed to nestle in the palm of your hand, capturing that perfect symphony of warmth radiating from your favorite cup of coffee or tea. The lip a perfect catch to keep it from slipping from your hand and a great perch to grip when it’s just a little too warm.


"Luvhaus Ceramics founder, Shawn Kam, gets busy like a blacksmith, battling flames in a 2280°F kiln and pulling from it perfectly formed ceramics, each with an individual glaze and ergonomic design. Why, you might be wondering, would someone sweat so much for a cup? Because Kam’s vision goes way beyond the novelty mugs lining most cabinets, and reaches for the bond between people and where they drink from. Luvhaus’s tumblers are made to nestle warmly into your hand, home, and morning (or late night) routine. Each piece is hand made in their Berkeley, CA studio into a shape that’s grabbable and rests comfortably in your palm." 


“Every part of ceramics is a testing base,” Shawn says. “There’s so many variables with everything: the glaze, the throwing, the firing, with making the clay body itself; every step has variables because there’re so many different possibilities. For the laymen, there’s a lot of commercial testing that has already been done, variables that have already been taken care of. But if you want to make something really special, you take on your own testing, your own variables, so the results will also be your own. Like this kind of flaring and color that bloom all over the body of the cup, that doesn’t happen without being able to experiment, to see something great and be able to adjust on the fly and chase it, to be one step ahead enough to capture it.”